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Album: Raise Your Hand
Label: Custom Records
Vertrieb: Bandcamp
VÖ: 21. Januar 2022

Der aus Dänemark stammende Sänger, Gitarrist und Songwriter Mike Andersen veröffentlicht mit Raise Your Hand bereits sein neuntes Album. Als Support von Henrik Freischlader und auch mit einer eigenen Tour 2017 stellte sich Mike Andersen in Deutschland einem größeren Publikum vor und ist seitdem kein Unbekannter mehr hier.


Mike Andersen glänzt auf Raise Your Hand als ausdrucksstarker Sänger zwischen Blues & Soul und überzeugt als vielseitiger Gitarrist. Mit seiner fantastischen Live-Band, mit der er seit mehr als zehn Jahren auf Tour geht, hat er ein Album von natürlich praktizierter Eleganz geschaffen. Um solch rohe Emotionen und Authentizität einzufangen, wurde das Album "live im Studio" auf analogem Band aufgenommen.


Raise Your Hand wird als Import in Deutschland ab dem 28. Januar 2022 erhältlich sein.

Mike Andersen opens up his 9th album with a bang: an autobiographical song, ‘Slamming The Door’. A humorous piece about being aware of what kind of person you want to become, both in music and in life before you actually end up slamming a door you should have left open. 


“I’ve been writing sad songs for so long, and then it struck me: The only way to survive emotionally in these turbulent times is to embrace the chaos we’ve been thrown into and accept the fact that, Yes, we all get messed up sometimes but that’s ok. We can face this together.” 


It was out of this, that the title song ‘Raise your Hand’ was born. The sound of this song is different from the rest of the album, being more old school with upright bass and horns - it’s different from we’ve been accustomed to hearing from Mike and the band.

The rest of the album moves effortlessly through the myriad of genres we know from earlier Mike Andersen Band albums: A personal mix of the blues and soul music Mike fell in love with at an early age, but without the tyranny of “genre dogma”. Mike and the band demonstrate increasing inspiration from today’s music. 


With these 10 new original songs, Mike Andersen (at the ripe age of 44) takes us through the life stories of a man who has made it halfway. From the tale of a guy who is so beaten by life’s hardships, that he fears he may not be able to get up again after another bout; to a song about those days when good energy streams through our bodies and makes even the most hopeless dancer jump on the dance floor and dance like he’s never done anything else. 


From the paradox of a coffee date at midnight to magical moments when we break free from our worries and concerns to the “murder ballad” of a man who fantasizes about emptying both barrels of a shotgun into the man his loved one betrayed him with. 

Mike Andersen, in combining his characteristic voice and intense guitar phrasing with, and not the least, the fantastic band he’s had on the road for more than ten years, has created an album of natural practiced elegance. To capture such raw emotion and authenticity, the album was recorded ‘live in the studio’ on analog tape. 


‘Raise Your Hand’ entered the Danish Vinyl Top40 in it’s first week as #12. It’s has stayed in the chart for four weeks now, and is currently #9. 


Mike Andersen Band: Mike Andersen: vocal, guitar / Johannes Nørrelykke: guitar, vocal, keys / Kristian Fogh: keys, vocal / Kristian Kold: bass / Jens Kristian Dam: drums, piano 


Guests: Jarno Varsted: harmonica / Mikkel Bøggild: banjo / Dave Stevens: upright bass / Mads Michelsen: tambourine / Rasmus Bøgelund: trumpet / Nikolai Bøgelund: trombone / Niels Mathiasen: tenor sax / Ulrik Bust: Baritone sax 


MIKE ANDERSEN - BIOGRAPHY Mike Andersen has a powerful and sensitive voice, an intense guitar style, and a fantastic band. 44-year-old Mike Andersen started playing the guitar at the age of 12. He began writing songs and playing guitar in various bands throughout his teenage years and formed his own Mike Andersen Band at the age of 22. 


While young, although his idols were the great blues guitarists and soul singers, Mike always recognized that the music he loves so much comes from a time long before he was born and in a part of the world where he did not grow up. It was exactly this realization, combined with a built-in curiosity about what's going on musically today, that caused Mike to create his own sound and style. 


2010 was a turning point for Mike Andersen Mike Andersen’s third album, ECHOES, was nominated for three Danish Music Awards, making it the nation-wide Danish breakthrough for the 34-year-old singer, songwriter, band leader and guitarist. ECHOES was nominated as "ALBUM OF THE WEEK" on the Danish National Radio, and listeners voted ECHOES into the top ten on a list of the 100 most important releases in 2010. While ECHOES received three Danish Music Award nominations, he later won a Danish Music Award for the album ”HOME” (Roots Album Of The Year - 2015) 


7th album featured a duet with Joss Stone. Mike started focusing more intensely on songwriting up throughout his thirties. He went on several trips to Nashville for co-writing sessions. These trips were a big inspiration for Mike, and one of these Nashville co-writes resulted in the song, THIS TIME. The song later appeared on Mike’s 2016 album, DEVIL IS BACK, as a duet with UK soul singer, Joss Stone. 


Over the past twenty years, Mike Andersen Band has played more than 1500 concerts in twenty different countries, including more than thirty international festivals, including Notodden Blues Festival (N), Tønder Festival (DK), Breminale (DE), Blue Balls Festival (CH), The Great British R&B Festival (UK) and many more. Mike Andersen also had the honor of opening for his big hero, BB KING, three times! 


Alone and acoustic Mike went solo and acoustic for the first time on his 2019 album, ONE MILLION MILES. !I’ve always striven to write songs that can be performed simply, songs that are stripped down to the voice and accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Still, I have never released songs in this way. Now’s the time to do that,” said Mike. ONE MILLION MILES turned out to be a success. Nine new original songs, recorded the old-school way. All you hear on this album is Mike singing while playing his acoustic guitar and tapping his foot. No overdubbing of any kind. The album stayed #1 for several weeks on the Danish Vinyl Top-20, and the subsequent acoustic solo tour won a Danish Music Award.

Back with the band on upcoming album, RAISE YOUR HAND! After focusing on ONE MILLION MILES, and touring heavily as a solo artist throughout 2019, Mike Andersen is now back with his band. Their ninth full-length album was released in Denmark on September 17 2021. To capture the sound of the tight, well-travelled band, the album was recorded live in the studio, using only analog equipment and tape. This gives the recordings a certain immediacy and authenticity. RAISE YOUR HAND was mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer, Russell Elevado in NYC. Russell is a sonic genius and has mixed recordings for a wide range of artists, including D’Angelo, The Roots, Al Green, Alicia Keys, and many others. Russell Also mixed Mike Andersen’s break-through album, ECHOES. If Covid-19 allows it, Mike Andersen Band will tour widely in 2022 in Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Sweden, with tours in Australia, the USA, and Romania in the works!

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