Album: Canadiana
Label: Linus Entertainment
Vertrieb: AL!VE
VÖ: 26. November 2021

Um von Canadian Brass gecovert zu werden, muss ein Song in der Lage sein, seine Texte zu transzendieren und für das Ohr als Instrumental-Cover leicht erkennbar und angenehm zu sein. Daran dachte Arrangeur Brandon Ridenour vor allem, als er an den Plänen für die Studioaufnahme von Canadian Brass im November 2021 arbeitete. 

Die Sammlung trägt den treffenden Namen Canadiana und enthält Songs von Leonard Cohen, Shawn Mendes, k.d. lang, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Cockburn, Drake, Deadmau5 und natürlich Rush, in echt kanadischer Brass-Manier. 


Als das berühmteste und beständigste Blechbläserquintett der Geschichte hat Canadian Brass die Auszeichnung The Worlds Most Famous Brass Group wahrlich verdient und ist seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 1970 eine beeindruckende Konstante in der Welt der Kammermusik. Bekannt für ihr Können und ihre Präzision bei der Darbietung klassischer Musik und ihrer eigenen Arrangements moderner Songs, haben sie weit über 2 Millionen Alben verkauft und in jedem Jahrzehnt ihres Bestehens Billboard-Chart-Positionen belegt.



1. Je Me Souviens (Originally Recording by Lara Fabian)

2. Senorita (Originally Recorded by Shawn Mendes)

3. Constant Craving (Originally Recording by k.d. lang)

4. Both Sides, Now (Originally Recorded by Joni Mitchell)

5. I Remember(Originally Recorded by Deadmau5)

6. Laugh Now, Cry Later (Originally Recorded by Drake)

7. Overture 2112 (Originally Recorded by Rush)

8. Best Part (Originally Recorded by Daniel Cesar & H.E.R.)

9. 13th Mountain (Originally Recorded by Bruce Cockburn) 

10. Thoughts On A Rainy Afternoon featuring Bruce Cockburn (Originally Recorded by Bruce Cockburn) 

11. Hallelujah (Originally Recorded by Leonard Cohen) 

Brass players bring a plethora of music styles to their performances, having played in orchestra, bands, jazz ensembles, marching bands and the like. With Canadian Brass undertaking a new recording project, Canadiana, it seemed like a natural step to dive into mainstream popular music, selecting Canadian music that has affected the group as we were travelling on our career path.


While looking at the parameters of the existence of Canadian Brass (1970-2021), we chose to focus our collection on the most prominent voices and writers to emerge from Canada and be known worldwide. While there were far too many songs to include on one album, we chose the music that we thought could best lend itself to brass quintet arrangements; and our arranger Brandon Ridenour then had the challenge of bringing those tunes to life. 


When choosing this collection of Canadian songs to arrange, Brandon asked himself, “what songs have been able to transcend their lyrics and be welcomed as instrumental covers?” This question helped to narrow things down once he began looking at things like melody, harmony, chords, rhythm and how everything interacts. The next and more obvious questions he asked were, “What has Canadian Brass NOT done”, and, “What is the most obvious thing TO do?” An album of Canadian songs of course!


While we were busy practicing our repertoire and honing our craft, we were also listening to these incredible songs as they were released. We now have the incredible opportunity to play these songs ourselves. This recording project gave us a chance to explore the music generated by the great artists that have been around us throughout our performing career.


Which songs feature which instruments / collaborators? 

Drake - trumpet (Brandon) and beat production (Nathan Schram) 

Nathan is the violist with Grammy award winning string quartet, Attacca quartet. Also a composer, arranger and producer.

Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon - Bruce Cockburn, voice/guitar

Both Sides, Now - Ingrid Jensen, trumpet (one of the most prominent female and Canadian voices in jazz)

Rush Overture - Sean Kelly, guitars


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