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Album: Passion Flower 
Label: Sunnyside Records
Vertrieb: GoodToGo
VÖ: 10. April 2020



ERICALEXADER tenor saxophone



RAULMIDÓN vocal on Lush Life

Billy Strayhorns Musik spielt im Repertoire von Pianist Di Martino seit dem Beginn seiner  Karriere als professioneller Musiker vor nunmehr bereits 45 Jahren eine wichtige Rolle. Hier ist seine Hommage an den großen Meister.

Der Executive Producer Neville Grusd ist bei einem unserer Konzerte in der Town Hall von Flushing in New York gewesen und hat dadurch Lust darauf bekommen, dieses Album zu produzieren.“


Johnny Come Lately | Lush Life | Rain Check | Star-Crossed Lovers (Pretty Girl) | Isfahan (Elf) | Chelsea Bridge | Daydream | Passion Flower | U.M.M.G.  | Blood Count | Take The A Train | A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing | Absinthe (Lament For An Orchid) | Lotus Blossom

The music of Billy Strayhorn, long thought of as a chapter within the Duke Ellington songbook, has become recognized as one of the most important bodies of work in 20th century American music. In Strayhornʼs short life time the greater part of recorded examples of his masterworks were by the Ellington Orchestra or groups led by players from that revered organization. In the half century since his death , many of his classic compositions have found their way into the mainstream jazz repertory via recordings by some of the genreʼs greatest players. Now we can add John DiMartinoʼs uniquely personal interpretations to that illustrious list.

Strayhornʼs music has been an essential part of Di Martinoʼs repertoire since the beginning of his forty-five year professional music career. He recalls,“My first encounter with Strayhornʼs music was through an older cousin who gave me a recording of Chet Baker and Russ Freemanʼs version of Lush Life and requested that I learn the tune.” Di Martino was just 15 years old at the time (ironically, Strayhornʼs age when he wrote the piece). John has been entranced with the composerʼs music ever since.

WThe next exposure to Strayhornʼs music was hearing Grover Washingtonʼs recording of Passion Flower. John notes: “Itʼs a beautiful Bob James arrangement and probably the most infrequently played track on Groverʼs Mr. Magic CD. Pianist Bobby Tucker (accompanist to Billie Holiday & Billy Eckstine) was a mentor to me. He gave me the music to A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing. In recent years I have been performing Strayhornʼs music with Paquito DʼRivera. Executive producer Neville Grusd heard a concert we did at Flushing NewYork Town Hall which led to his interest in producing this recording.”

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