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Album: Therapy
Label: Talitres 
Vertrieb: Rough Trade Distribution
VÖ: 20. September 2019

Nach der Entdeckung der sensationellen russischen Band Motorama erscheint nun auch das Debütalbum “Therapy” von EKO & VINDA FOLIO aus Georgien auf dem französischen Trendsetter-Label Talitres (Emily Jane White, Destroyer, The National, Micah P. Hinson, Swell). Zufällig wurde Labelchef Sean Bourchard durch ein Video-Posting des Motorama-Bandleaders Vladislav Parshin auf Eko & Vinda Folio aufmerksam und nahm die Band gleich unter Vertrag.

 Erekle Deisadze (vocals) und Temo Ezugbaia aka Vinda Folio (guitar, vocals) heißen die beiden Protagonisten der Band, die in ihrer Muttersprache Georgisch singen. In Kombination mit ihrem Sound, der zwischen Cold Wave & Dream Pop oszilliert, ergibt sich eine vertraut klingende und doch fremdartige Mischung, die den Hörer gefangen nimmt.

A country with multiple influences, located on the borders of Europa and Asia, Georgia sets Caucasian peaks up and draws a handful of seaside resorts along the Black Sea. We have drunk its sparkling wine, tasted its raviolis. We are acquainted with the long tradition of polyphonic singing, but we don’t know much about its nightlife and the rising importance of today’s music scene. We needed to visit Fabrika (a multicultural place that houses Vodkast Records, the country’s only independent record shop), and get to know the coolness of the Tbilisi Open Air Festival (Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai and Unkle are three of this year’s headliners).

The youth is dancing, and the youth is composing. Eko & Vinda Folio* are two of the worthiest representatives.

Erekle Deisadze (vocals) and Temo Ezugbaia aka Vinda Folio (guitar, vocals) met in 2012 as they were both students. The Tbilisi duet joined a protest movement, considering music as a vector of social emancipation. “Activism is like an alternative culture in Georgia”, they confided to the webzine Soul Kitchen at the beginning of 2017 upon the release of their first EP on Talitres.

Distancing themselves with politically oriented songs, “Therapy”, their debut album, delivers an enchanting romanticism, a secret place where each one of us can draw dreams. The two musicians define here the contours of a poetic and singular universe punctuated by enigmatic lyrics (all the more for us).

For this chant is a journey in itself. On some tracks, Erekle Deisadze’s deep voice (quite sepulchral sometimes) makes way for Vinda Folio’s. The Georgian language, holding the round intonations of its letters, creeps in into us, slowly and lastingly. This music, gracefully oscillating between cold wave, dream pop and dancing rhythms (of a dark and cold dance, but so much addictive), borrows influences from British post punk and sticks to the musicians’ everyday life.

*We heard about the project through Vladislav Parshin, leader of the band Motorama, who posted on the social networks a video of the musicians. 

Eko & Vinda Folio "Therary" - 1. Therapy - 2. Endlessly - 3. Ramble Around - 4. Out There - 5. Nisliani – 6. Emotionnally Captive - 7. Me as A Sound - 8. Lucid Thoughts - 9. He Was All of Them - 10. Holding A Brick II

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