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Album: Sience Fair
Label: Sunnyside Records
Vertrieb: Good To Go
VÖ: 8. Februar 2019

Auf der Suche nach neuen Erkenntnissen verwenden Forscher viele Stunden darauf, die komplexen Details ihres Fachgebiets zu bearbeiten. Auf wissenschaftlichen Kongressen („science fairs“) stellen sie ihre Forschungsergebnisse vor, machen diese dadurch allgemein zugänglich und manchmal macht das sogar Spaß. Mit der Begeisterung von Kindern, die mit Backpulver einen Vulkan basteln, verbinden die Drummerin Allison Miller und die Pianistin Carmen Staaf auf ihrem neuen Album Science Fair kühne musikalische Konzepte, fantastische Co-Musiker und die Leidenschaft herauszufordern und zu erforschen zu einem wahren Ausbruch von Energie.


Scientists spend long hours investigating their passions, delving into the complex details of their research in pursuit of new knowledge. In a science fair, they demonstrate their findings, making them accessible and even fun. With the wonder of kids making a baking soda volcano, drummer Allison Miller and pianist Carmen Staaf combine bold musical concepts, tremendous collaborators, and a passion to challenge and explore into an eruption of energy on their fantastic new recording, Science Fair.

Miller is well-known in the jazz and pop worlds, having backed Natalie Merchant and Ani DiFranco, then going on to lead her own celebrated jazz ensembles, including Boom Tic Boom. Miller’s collaboration with Staaf began a few years ago. When Miller needed a piano substitute for the Reykjavik Jazz Festival in 2015, she called her friend, bassist Todd Sickafoose. He suggested Staaf, who had just finished her time at the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance, and had recently impressed Sickafoose on a performance at the Blue Whale in Los Angeles. The connection was made and a three-show trial by fire ensued.

The connection between the two musicians was immediate. Miller and Staaf’s experiments began to take shape as a recording project. They both began to bring tunes to their weekly rehearsals, and tinkered with arrangements and different ensemble lineups. They eventually picked bassist Matt Penman to round out their core trio. He proved to be of a similar mindset, fun-loving and open-minded, not to mention a highly swinging accompanist. For a number of pieces, the trio is augmented by one or two horns, namely the gifted trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire and the wonderful saxophonist Dayna Stephens. Assembling all of the pieces for Science Fair was akin to a science experiment. Miller and Staaf even had their own “mad scientist” in producer Ben Goldberg, who helped put the final pieces together

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