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Album: Oak Leaf
Label: Talitres
Vertrieb: Rough Trade
VÖ: 16. November 2018

"Oak Leaf" ist der Titel des zweiten Albums des französischen Singer/Songwriters Raoul Vignal. Auch dieses Mal überzeugt er wieder mit seiner samtweichen Stimme, die er gekonnt auf der Akustischen Gitarre begleitet. Seine raffinierte Fingerpicking-Technik und seine klugen Kompositionen und Arrangements haben Raoul Vignal nicht von ungefähr Vergleiche mit dem unvergessenen Nick Drake in der internationalen Presse eingebracht. Auch in Deutschland überzeugte er mit seinem Debütalbum "The Siver Veil" die Kritiker. 


"Oak Leaf" ist nun der nächste Schritt in seiner Karriere: reichhaltige Orchestrierung und eine hervorragende eingespielte Band machen das Album zu einem kleinen Meisterwerk.

"Oak Leaf" is the new album of the french singer-songwriter Raoul Vignal. From 2010 to this day, the french musician has been playing authentic, modern folk music. Forming the essence of his compositions, soothing vocals and delicate fingerpicking played on alternate tunings are Vignal's trademark. His music has often been described by audience as "evocative" and "mesmering". These tender guitar riffs and this calming singing have never left our mind. Acclaimed by critics, warmly embraced by the audience, this opus celebrates the young musician and brings him in the sensitive songwriters’ circle.

After releasing his debut "The Silver Veil" (“the softest of voices with an album of gold” Higher Pain Music) on the french label Talitres, Raoul Vignal toured all over Europe, playing shows and festivals such as Eurosonic in The Netherlands, Le Printemps de Bourges, Les Nuits de Fourvière in France, to name a few.

Shortly after, he entered the studio with his touring bandmates and recorded "Oak Leaf", a more 'mature' and orchestrated full-lenght. If the compositions remained is own, the arrangements were more of a collaboration between everyone involved in the band.

Surrounded by his musicians from the tour and other treasured guests, with this news long-format, the musician offers a music more orchestrated and mature while maintaining a level of intimacy characteristic of his own musical universe.

It is a kind of serenity, a new assertiveness that we feel listening to these 10 songs. Admittedly, a gentle melancholy, but between the lines, throughout the words, a redeeming wisdom and inner strength.

(Press ‘The Silver Veil’)

"Vignal plays mostly alone, and there is haunting solitude to his music that owes a lot to Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. But where Drake’s late work portrayed a lost soul burrowing tragically further into isolation, The Silver Veil sees Vignal confiding in others and embracing the outside world." The Skinny

"Meandering through ten beautiful tracks, the record is a tender departure from the rush of the day; a thirty-six minute journey in to somewhere else entirely." Goldflakepaint

"Calling to mind the delicate folk offerings of Nick Drake, Benoît Pioulard or Kings Of Convenience, it comes as no surprise that Raoul Vignal’s music has been so well received." Folk Radio UK


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